Wild~ Flowers and Fire


Dance baby girl, dance up a storm

Wild flowers and fire

You’re all that and more.

Bring up those yellow feelings

Become overwhelmed

and then breathe

Aren’t you the artist

That teaches the writer in you

How to feel.

Colour and Nostalgia.

Melancholy and pain.

Love like you always love

Powerful and strong

Vulnerable and fragile.

And Dear sweet, sweet thing

Don’t forget your

Forever smile.

Cause you know it well,

and you know you’re lost

without it in your pocket.

So dance baby girl, dance

Be wild flowers and fire

Because you are queen

And your mind an empire~

Beasty and Beauty

Beauty, you’re such a beauty.

I was told to go where I was not invited

You showed me, yes, you showed me

How to let my beasts free

And all my story, to write it. Write it.

To fight it, to fight it

And to let it be.

Beauty, you’re such a beauty.

You sat on the ride of our wave length

And made me feel the most

Powerful strength

And you said I could take it,

Said I could make it, into my own.

You said we were monsters

You would eat my heart.

First you filled it with inspiration

And told it to start

Doing that beating thing it’s meant to.

Doing that ‘Let’s be alive’ and be true.

Let’s be artists, let’s take the kisses

Let’s run with this.

Because we are the ugly

And we are the beautiful.

Let’s be the beasty, and the beauty.