Teach Me To Talk

I isolated myself, thinking I was a danger

to the human race.

A heart breaker, a lover, a stranger

Stumbled over words, no grace.

I was trouble ~couldn’t handle people.

I was chaos~  in all the crowds I was lost.

So I, stopped for a moment,

slipped into silence,

where I was fine and,

I was alright ~ playing with shadows

Being alone, singing my own songs.

I preferred my own company –

Until the Lonely came to take me.


Then there was music, then there was you

Slowly pulling at my hands, making me tick.

Well then, if you wanna be here, teach me how to make friends.

Teach me how to talk to good people.

‘Cause all the people I ever find turn out to be so evil.

Teach me the way you turn on the charm,

Cause all I ever do with it is harm…

Teach me how to be calm in the storm of anxiety.

Teach me how to be care-free, teach me how to feel.

So tell me all the words I should memorise.

All the little conversation starters.

Let’s go over all the stories and lies.

How to say hello and how to depart

Are my jokes good enough, can I make people laugh?

How do I avoid awkward silences

How do I stay between sensible and daft?

Am I being too mean, am I being too kind.

Am I including everyone

Or are they all judging me. Do they mind~

If I get  a little sad, or too flirty and fun.


‘Cause you’re the only one I know

how to be me around.

Only one I can talk to

Even without a sound…

Only one I talk true to

Only one I allow into my stories.

I just want you.

Selfish of me I know

But they told me to hold onto yellow

When I’m feeling blue.


So hello, hello, hello

How are you?

Will you whisper me your secrets…

Will you stay and converse.

‘Cause I’ve been dried out

My mind dying with thirst.

You activate my engines

Your words sink beneath my skin.

You taught me how to make friends

I’ve been quiet for so long now~

I hope this poetry never ends…

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