Be Sensitive

They’ll always be unable

to handle your depth.

You’ll always struggle

with the weight of secrets you kept.


You’ll always be labelled ‘sensitive’

But that’s because you know too much

of how broken souls live.


Over-emotional, over-thinking

but it’s all over their heads

whilst you let it sink in.


You’ve travelled over every rainbow

of emotion from beginning to end.

And no its not always been a pot of gold

waiting in the hands of so-called friends.


Guilt rides through you when you share too much

when you break through fragile humans

with your poetry and your mind’s touch

But DO IT AGAIN, don’t you dare run.


Be that unapologetic ocean,

crash and roll and drag them under

Shake them to the core like thunder

Cause when you rise….


You’ll push them back up to breathe.

And in their hands they’ll grasp

sand or shells or pearls or magic from beneath.


No one knows it yet and sometimes you forget

that there’s more, skin deep? No, there’s always more

So let your bare feet sink in, let them get wet

Cause you, you’re that passionate kiss the ocean leaves upon the shore…

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