Promise me real and raw,

I’ll promise you it all.

Enhance me with your magic

’cause, who am I

If i’m not yours.

My mother never taught me

of heartbreak.

I learnt those lessons alone

from my mistakes.

But she smiled through pain

so i know that look

in your beautiful eyes.

I hear those whispered thoughts

that you give to the skies.

Escape if you need

a reason to smile

My sweetest friend, don’t you know

You’re strongest when you’re most fragile~

little butterfly

Two heartbeats in this shell of mine

my old heart trudges along

holding souls with yours young one

in my womb beating strong.

fast, hard and wild.

I always knew feelings were born in the stomach

Throb, throb, throb…

Two great rusting lungs~

24 years on and i’m still

trying to remember how to breathe.

May fresh air fill your jars

As you learn the rhythm for the first time…

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

I feel you and I’m breathless

knocking on the walls of my body

reminding me you’re there.

Warrior strength of mind I hope.

Colours and flowers in your veins

I hope you eat laughter and dreams

and let it flow in your blood.

Waiting for this soul to grace this world~

With one cry i know, you’ll show me what

True love and life is.

the ocean inside of us

I wrote this letter to you, to keep the jewels of our love beneath your pillow so they can guide me home.

I will visit you in your nightmares. I will meet you in the midst of oblivion. I will find you in your darkest terrors. I will make love to your demons until they loosen their grip on you.

I will enter your dreams, recite poetry to wake you up with our song on your hot lips.

I will dance down the universe for you to lay it at your feet. I will bow down the trees for you so you can rise. I will lose my mind for you in my search of finding you.

I’m lost in love with you, I’m lost in love with you, and I’m lost in love with you.

I know when you return to me you’ll bring my soul and mind back to me, so what do I have to fear?

I told you, my moon, you cannot hurt me, I do that well myself. Don’t worry, my love, I will make you my king. Standing between your legs my feet planted in devotion, I swear myself to you.

I will count the stars you took from my mind to make sure you didn’t lose any. I know you never would. I will whisper into your stomach like a breeze to see if you have extinguished the flames I gave to you. I know you won’t. I know you won’t.

Oh, this universe is playing games again but I won’t let it sweep us away. The ocean inside of us will rise. I swear to you, my tides will find you when you’re lost and all you want to do is hide.

Because the ocean inside of us will rise.

I’m lost in love with you, I’m lost in love with you, and I’m lost in love with you.

But the ocean inside of us will rise. I swear, we will rise.


if you’re an ocean, then i’m drowning

You are a calculated mistake –
something that I’ve known is wrong from the very start. And I wake up next to you every morning in my mind lately, praying that your split lips don’t sink me – even though I know it’s too late.

You’re already taking me under, because, baby –
you’re heavy like hurricane. Like a thousand drops of rain pounding down on my shoulder blades. You’re seeping into my skin and into my bloodstream. It’s only a matter of time until you spread to my heart.

It’s too late. I’m already drowning in you.

It’s too late, but god, I cannot love you. But I do, I cannot hate you. but i do.

You’re like the last boy I kissed –
which means I should already be working on forgetting the exact way your fingertips press into my hipbones or how my name sounds curled up in your mouth and the way you like to speak it so careful like a secret – like if you said it too loud, I could get away from you. Like you want to keep me. But mostly I should forget you.

And sometimes, I try, but right now, I’m calculating the exact number of words that would make me stay. That would wash away my carefully controlled emotions and make me forget to forget, because even if I say I don’t want you, I do.
I do. I swear.
I do.

Last night you told me we’re inevitable –
like the way we’re all made of stardust because of a chain reaction that set an entire universe in action.

You told me that’s how big this feeling is and that there are entire oceans living inside of you that you haven’t even begun to explore and that all of it – all of you –
could be mine.

If I want it.

Sink or swim –
I’m calling you my relapse, because the last time I felt like this, I almost didn’t make it out alive. And right now, I have lungs full of water and I’m sitting on the edge of a coastline that goes on longer than my eyes can see — so far that it terrifies me —

But we’re inevitable.

And you’re an entire ocean.

And I’m ready to drown.

Let It Fucking Burn

I wanna write you a love song

But all that comes out is hate

It’s the state you get me wrapped up in.

Whenever I feel your fingers on my skin.

You pull me close, you push me away.

I don’t know if you’ll go or if you’ll stay.

You’re a fucking tease, baby.

You make me wanna go down on my knees

to show you how much lovin’ I can do

And how much I can please…


Oh God, you send electricity up my spine.

I want to be yours, I want you to be mine.

It’s the way you wake up my mind

by allowing me into yours.

It’s the way you kiss all of my flaws

Like they’re the gems of my soul.

It’s the way you try to read my book

When I slam it shut. How you make me laugh

When I give up.


You are poetry at it’s finest when you wanna seduce me.

You’re a silent killer when you wanna confuse me.

You like to think you’re a monster, that you’ll use me.

Abuse me, be cruel to me. But you were spot on when

You called me beasty.

You think you can tear up my heart, well go ahead

and feast on me.

You got me all tied up but your weakness is you free me.

Your strength is your sensitivity.

You’re everything that makes sense to me.

I can feel you moving hesitantly…

Walls up, you’re scared to feel, you’re scared to fall.

I see it in your eyes, you’ve been hurt before.

Well I know how it goes, I’ve been in those wars.


Still I warned myself not to get addicted but you

drew me in and lit it up in here. Lit it up in here and burned  away my fears.

I thought you were a figment of my imagination.

But you turned the page and set this story on fire.

Set me on fire.

Brought me to life.

Brought out the writer, in me.

So let it fucking burn tonight, baby…

Teach Me To Talk

I isolated myself, thinking I was a danger

to the human race.

A heart breaker, a lover, a stranger

Stumbled over words, no grace.

I was trouble ~couldn’t handle people.

I was chaos~  in all the crowds I was lost.

So I, stopped for a moment,

slipped into silence,

where I was fine and,

I was alright ~ playing with shadows

Being alone, singing my own songs.

I preferred my own company –

Until the Lonely came to take me.


Then there was music, then there was you

Slowly pulling at my hands, making me tick.

Well then, if you wanna be here, teach me how to make friends.

Teach me how to talk to good people.

‘Cause all the people I ever find turn out to be so evil.

Teach me the way you turn on the charm,

Cause all I ever do with it is harm…

Teach me how to be calm in the storm of anxiety.

Teach me how to be care-free, teach me how to feel.

So tell me all the words I should memorise.

All the little conversation starters.

Let’s go over all the stories and lies.

How to say hello and how to depart

Are my jokes good enough, can I make people laugh?

How do I avoid awkward silences

How do I stay between sensible and daft?

Am I being too mean, am I being too kind.

Am I including everyone

Or are they all judging me. Do they mind~

If I get  a little sad, or too flirty and fun.


‘Cause you’re the only one I know

how to be me around.

Only one I can talk to

Even without a sound…

Only one I talk true to

Only one I allow into my stories.

I just want you.

Selfish of me I know

But they told me to hold onto yellow

When I’m feeling blue.


So hello, hello, hello

How are you?

Will you whisper me your secrets…

Will you stay and converse.

‘Cause I’ve been dried out

My mind dying with thirst.

You activate my engines

Your words sink beneath my skin.

You taught me how to make friends

I’ve been quiet for so long now~

I hope this poetry never ends…

Wild~ Flowers and Fire


Dance baby girl, dance up a storm

Wild flowers and fire

You’re all that and more.

Bring up those yellow feelings

Become overwhelmed

and then breathe

Aren’t you the artist

That teaches the writer in you

How to feel.

Colour and Nostalgia.

Melancholy and pain.

Love like you always love

Powerful and strong

Vulnerable and fragile.

And Dear sweet, sweet thing

Don’t forget your

Forever smile.

Cause you know it well,

and you know you’re lost

without it in your pocket.

So dance baby girl, dance

Be wild flowers and fire

Because you are queen

And your mind an empire~