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I love this blog post. Absolutely spot on. My husband once said to me:

‘Your notebooks are like your external organs.’

This weekend has been spent clearing out my loft. As we battled against ten years worth of forgotten clutter I came across a few of my old writer notebooks. As I opened them up I did wonder whether they would make me cringe. But they did quite the opposite. Some of my old stories were […]

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An Empire For You

Who will stop your castles from falling?
When will you realise who I am?
You push past me in the rush of life.
Just stop for a moment. 
Stop and breathe. 
Listen to the sound in your battered lungs.
I dare you to find your universe - in my eyes.
All you ever wanted was a little beauty to call your own.
To quench your thirst. 
But you're tired and want to go home. 
You're weeping now - because. You. Can't. Find. Home.

I said I would build you an empire, didn't I?
There may be thieves and there'll always be liars
wearing the disguise of story-tellers and lovers - 
but it'll be worth it when you feel your heart
ALIVE - like passionate fires.
I COULD LOVE YOU like all of the lost skies
that bowed down against the ground
before they were allowed to rise.